About Tree of Life Lutheran

Tree of Life is a Lutheran church start-up that is queer-affirming, millennial-led, and for the spiritual but also slightly religious. We most frequently gather in the North Loop neighborhood of downtown Minneapolis and get together three times a month for evening worship, dinner, service projects and conversations about faith and daily life (though we usually don't do all that at once!) Our focus is on relationship, beauty, spirituality, healing and making a difference in our community. We believe in taking the Bible seriously but not always literally, that every person is made in the image of God, and that God is active in our lives and world.

Since we're less than two years old, we have evening worship once a month on the first Sunday, gather for something else (service projects, yoga night, Christmas party etc.) on the third Sunday evening, and have dinner and conversation at First Draft Taproom under the name Tuesday Topics on the second Tuesday. 

Evening worship is acoustic and a little old-fashioned, interactive and contemplative (we light candles, read poetry and scripture, sing, pray, have silence and communion), and always followed by dinner together. Third Sundays are more casual evening get togethers and always include snacks. 

Like us on Facebook for more info or find the full schedule and plan to join us over at the Calendar page!

Our Welcome

Tree of Life is a "Reconciling in Christ" or RIC community with  Reconciling Works , an organization that advocates for full inclusion of GLBTQ individuals in the Lutheran church.

Tree of Life is a "Reconciling in Christ" or RIC community with Reconciling Works, an organization that advocates for full inclusion of GLBTQ individuals in the Lutheran church.

As a community we have made the following commitment:

“Tree of Life welcomes people of all gender identities, gender expressions, sexual orientations, races, nationalities, economic statuses, and immigration statuses. We value a broad range of faith experiences and secular worldviews. We wish to advocate for and be stewards of our community and environment. We believe that all people bear God’s image and are created to be in diverse community with one another.”



 Our Staff

Marissa Sotos

Marissa Sotos has been pastor/mission developer for Tree of Life since June of 2016. She loves the energy and creativity of Minneapolis and getting to be part of this new little community called Tree of Life. Marissa holds a Bachelor of Music in Harp Performance from St. Olaf College and a Master of Divinity from the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, but originally came from Monrovia, CA where she grew up in a fundamentalist sect. After half a decade of atheism and flirting with Buddhism, she fell in love with the Lutheran church's focus on grace, care for neighbor, constant reformation and embrace of paradox. She and her wife Maggie enjoy reading, camping, crosswords and hanging out with their goofy German Shepherd Abe.

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